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Lazy and thinking my iPod can do my posting for me.

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Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Why I Love Virginia Postrel
Andrew Sullivan
Holy fucking hopping shit!
I cannot believe that the refraction of light is something that baffles this lady! Has she never watched a nature documentary that features a waterfall?

Please, please, please tell me this is a joke.
HT to the Bad Astronomer.
This, this took a fucking inquiry.
Just be careful which naturopathic doctor you go to. Sure not all of them are wanted for crimes against humanity, but can you afford to take the risk?
Wanted fugitive Radovan Karadzic developed alter ego as New Age doctor - Times Online
The mysterious old man with the flowing white beard who exuded spirituality and became a celebrated alternative healer went by the name of Dr Dragan David Dabic. Yesterday he was unmasked as one of the world’s most wanted fugitives, living an extraordinary double life in the midst of those seeking him for war crimes.

Radovan Karadzic may have been lionised in folk songs by Serb nationalists for his ability to avoid capture. Not even his most imaginative supporters would have guessed that he was hiding behind a New Age persona, providing a bio-energy boost and “human quantum energy” for clients in a Belgrade suburb.
The amount of woo and magic in Japanese daily life amazes me. I should probably do a post on it somewhere along the lines. There's magic water, palm readings, blood type astrology, wish boards at shrines, nutrition woo up the wazoo...the list goes on.
So it just doesn't surprise me to see this headline courtesy of the Times.
Acupuncture used to improve flavour of tuna for sushi - Times Online
Their prized terriers are given samba-dancing lessons, their choicest beef herds are treated to daily massages and now, in an effort to produce the most delicious sushi in the world, Japanese tuna are to be given acupuncture.

What possible use is accupuncture for a fucking fish?
The company in Osaka that patented the technique claimed that calm tuna thrashed about less in their death throes. Once the fish have received the brief treatment the blood becomes purer and the flesh has a better flavour, Toshiro Urabe, the president of the Osakana Planning Company, said.

The tuna do not need to be dosed with chemicals to keep them tasting fresh during transportation.

The acupuncture can be used on bream and the company plans to begin testing it on salmon.

Oh, hell.
This comes at a time when the procedure has been shown again to not really do a fucking thing, this time for IVF. Since it seems that acupuncture works primarily as a placebo, and fish likely don't respond to a placebo what are the odds that any sushi improvement is basically wishful thinking?
Thief swipes cabinet minister's laptop from Salford office | The Register
Gordon Brown’s government has lost another batch of sensitive information, this time courtesy of one of his own cabinet ministers.

A laptop belonging to Hazel Blears, the Communities and Local Government secretary, was stolen from her constituency office in Salford over the weekend, it emerged this afternoon.

Whoa. Stop press. Not a Laptop. Desktop. Someone smuggled (under a trenchcoat no less, in a detail that I just made up while drunkenly typing this) a DESKTOP out of the office.
Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs | The Register
Meanwhile, it emerged that contrary to initial reports, the missing PC wasn’t a laptop but a desktop. So not only was sensitive information wrongly downloaded, it was downloaded to a machine that by definition would have spent its days in Salford, rather than being kept close to the minister’s side.

I want to be more sarcastic but alcohol and sheer exasperation prevent it.
I'm an unabashed fan of Batman Begins and a lot of the credit goes to Christopher Nolan. And I'm really looking forward to The Dark Knight. (After this can we have a moratorium on the Joker?)
But imagine for a moment a different hiring decision.
Chilling, isn't it?
Let's start with an admission. My anti-establishment streak loves his contrarian stance (Iraq War not withstanding) on so many subjects. He's got a great way with words, even on the Iraq War.
And anybody who listens to Rabbi Gordon Schumway's definition of god and dismisses it as so much "white noise" gets some respect from me.
His stance on waterboarding, et al has not had my support. Categorically not. Anyone who even acknowledges, let alone promotes, the horrible euphemism of "enhanced interrogation techniques" loses several points on his personal status Nasdaq right there.
To his credit, when challenged he underwent waterboarding. And lo', he hath seen the light:
Believe Me, It's Torture: Politics & Power:
You may have read by now the official lie about this treatment, which is that it “simulates” the feeling of drowning. This is not the case. You feel that you are drowning because you are drowning—or, rather, being drowned, albeit slowly and under controlled conditions and at the mercy (or otherwise) of those who are applying the pressure. The “board” is the instrument, not the method. You are not being boarded. You are being watered.

Wow, you can here the tune change faster than Patsy Cline finishing her set opening for Henry Rollins.
And you can watch it here.
(HT to The Rev , Dispatches and Crooks and Liars for getting there before me.)
Bonus Torture Comment:
The Rev notices something that came up on Slate the other day, namely that the torture techniques and program are lifted from 1950's era Chinese techniques to elicit false confessions.
That's some mighty fine interrogation, Lou.
Is there even a need to play Spot the Bullshit Logic with this crank.
Charles "Chuck" Colson: There Are No Atheists - On Faith at
Yes, even atheists pray because the image of God is implanted in us.
I have, in fact, never met an atheist. When a person professes to be one, I ask him to offer me the proof that God does not exist. I’ve never had anyone successfully respond to that question. Most retreat and say they’re really agnostics. I then ask them if they have examined every religion exhaustively. Their answer is usually no. I explain they cannot be agnostics unless they are sure that God can’t be known.

There are no atheists. There are simply people whose pride overwhelms their innate knowledge.

Found this through the comments at Dispatches: Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Only Christians Pray
Anything you can do to fight back is good. This is something you need get on board with before most of the population of Canada becomes unknowingly criminalized.
Boing Boing is doing a great job with this issue and is the source of most of these links.

Michael Geist - The Unofficial Canadian DMCA Background Document
Michael Geist - Report Says Canadian DMCA To Include $500 Fine Per Download
Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice loads the DMCA, aims it at Canada's temple, and pulls the trigger - Boing Boing
Michael Geist - The Canadian DMCA: Check the Fine Print
Canadians: write to your MPs about Canada's disastrous new copyright bill - Boing Boing
Copyright for Canadians » Header Only
What question do you want to ask Canada's Industry Minister about the Canadian DMCA? - Boing Boing
Canada's DMCA: public service announcement - Boing Boing
Canadian Industry Minister lies about his Canadian DMCA on national radio, then hangs up - Boing Boing
Dance mix of Canadian Minister of Industry Jim Prentice lying about Canadian DMCA - Boing Boing
Canadian free software/open source advocates fight the Canadian DMCA - Boing Boing
Fiery and funny rhetoric in Canadian Parliament over the Canadian DMCA - Boing Boing
Ask Canadian Industry Minister questions about the DMCA at the Calgary Stampede this Saturday - Boing Boing
Fair Copyright for Canada materials to bring to the Calgary Stampede this Saturday - Boing Boing
Also keeping an eye on it are the ink-stained wretches at the Galloping Beaver
The Galloping Beaver: Jim Prentice is a liar...
And SFFaudio:
SFFaudio » Blog Archive » WALL-E, a Bill C-61 copyright criminal.
The issue is simple: Consumer rights for fair practices vs. A draconian bill basically written by American media companies.
You don't have to be [name of your favourite really smart person or well respected job requiring intellectual acumen here] to figure this out.
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